Sunday, 14 September 2014

The girl who never spoke.

Chapter: the days of hell

I woke up gasping for air. Around me was a bunch of blurry people calling an ambulance. The pain was like venom slowly moving around my fragile body. I looked up at the hollow clouds, trying not to close my eyes. I stared at the sky. Slowly coming out of a pale cloud a small winged figure came out so elegantly. My heart lifted like it was filled with helium, my eyes widened, the winged figure softly said “my child, I am you guardian angel, your life is turning my child your days are getting forgotten. Your name is fading; you must fix what once was broken. The voice faded. I sat up holding my chest, breathing in the pain. Everyone stood back. I saw two men arrive with a stretcher. Hearing loud noises around me I was more focused on the angel. The two men lifted me onto the stretcher and shone a strangely odd light in my eyes. The questions they asked sounded familiar.

They lifted me into the ambulance. I held my breath hoping that my life wouldn’t end. I started to get scared, my body shaking and my heart dying while I screamed for mercy.

Within my lungs my life was fading, my eyes were closing and all I heard was ‘come back to me’……and then it turned black.

I woke up with 5-10 doctors around me. Looking up I saw a huge light shine upon my weak body. Blurry faces gathered around me “sir? Sir? Are you awake?” one of the blurry doctors said, I responded in a mumble “sir, my name is charlotte I will be your doctor until you get better.” My vision started to clear up and I felt more comfortable. Charlotte, my doctor left the room with a clip board in one arm and my blood samples in another. A window on the other side of the room opened and a cold dark breeze wondered around my room, the lamp next to me started to flicker. Leaves rushed out of the window forming a small girl, just like the one at the park and above the clouds. My mouth opened with shock and disbelief that it was truly her. “W-why won’t you leave me alone?!” my voice lightly shouted, “my name is Winter, I am your fallen guardian angel” her voice said softly “f-fallen?” I said as I huddled up in my bed trying to make her disappear “yes, now that is all you will be needing to know” she said moving away over to the sample room where Dr, Charlotte was.

Out of nowhere a giant headache kicked in. Winter, she gave me her view of the sample room. Charlotte was putting my test blood into a safe container. Then a bang occurred, Charlottes face seemed blank, as she was putting the rest of my blood into the containers the lights flickered and Charlotte became more frightened .Winter laughed with a smirk, every flicker than appeared Charlottes face got hollower and hollower. With life that once owned that body lefted without notice. The light stood still and her lifeless body lay on the floor.

Then it stopped, my vision came back, I griped on the bed chocking on life itself. Everything was silent until horrific scream struck the building.



Yesterday I woke up to an annoying buzzing sound. I knew right away that the wasps have come to sting me, like they do every morning they are big bully’s they are always picking on me because I’m small, slow and easy to wind up. I tucked my body in my shell but like always they out smarted me Troy the leader of the group lead the other wasps inside of my shell and they stung me. I wonder how they found me I was hiding in the lettuce patch under a leaf oh well I thought as I pulled out all the stingers ouch it felt like I had three holes right through me but I ignored the pain and started thinking about getting some breakfast. I poked my head out of my shell luckily the wasps had gone I made sure the coast was clear it was do I slid out of my shell and began to munch on some of my favourite food lettuce from the garden. Suddenly, it began to rain, and as we all know snails are very slow and being the size of a peanut, rain drops are like bolder to us. So I dropped my breakfast and began to slide towards my shell as fast as I could. It took me five minutes to reach my shell. Finally I squeezed inside. I took a long look at myself I was covered in bruises I began to count them. Eventually I finished I had 63 bruises. Suddenly I heard the school bell go. I began to move away from the school garden so I wouldn’t get squished I was too late! The children raced out of the classes’ one after another they raced out and ran past the garden to the playground and a girl with plaited pigtails pancaked me with her sneakers. I heard the crunch of my shell breaking before I died.   BY NAKISHA

Magic Carpet Ride

Magic  Carpet Ride
Chapter 1
I woke up. A magic carpet was flying around my bedroom.   It stopped and floated down to the floor. I stood on it and it flew out the door and down the hall and out through the front door.  Then it flew into the chicken hutch.  I got a mouthful of feathers and my chickens screeched loudly at me.  All the way into town people stopped and stared at me.  I flew all the way to Australia.  Some kangaroos attacked me but I was way too fast for them to catch me on the flying carpet.
I went all around the world in 4 minutes. I felt dizzy.  After  10 times I vomited all over the magic carpet. It landed on someone that was walking past.  It went all through his hair and his face.  He was not happy.
I looked at the time. I had 2 minutes to get to school.

Chapter 2
It took me three seconds to fly to school.  When I got to school everyone looked at me with a sideways look.  The teacher poked his head out of the classroom door and said, “What is that and what are you doing on it?”
I said, “It is a flying carpet.”
I hopped off and the magic carpet flew away, to hide from everyone.  
The bell rang to go into class.  The teacher, Mr McFluff, started to ask me lots of questions about the carpet.  He wanted to find out how I got it because he wanted one.
“I just woke up and it was flying round my room,”  I told him.
“Was there anything weird about the night before?” he asked me.  I thought about it for a little while then said no.  Then everyone got on with the day.

Text Box: Why wars do not solve anythingINTRO


Hi my speech today is all about why wars do not solve anything and I have to agree with this. Why? Because war makes people live in fear. Did you know that around a million people nearly die every time there is a war so that’s why I say yes war does not solve anything. People create war to defeat an enemy that really isn’t the enemy. I am going to tell you three reasons why war is bad. Reason 1, in war innocent people die. Reason 2, heaps of cities and houses are destroyed. Reason 3, people in the military take people from their homes to go to war did you know that. I just want to tell you there are wars happening right now put up your hands if you knew that. Every time there is war innocent people fleet to save places did you know that.


I just wanted to ask would you like to go to war and never come back, or see your family ever again? I wouldn’t. I just want you to picture in your mind if you were going to war and all of a sudden there are guns surrounding you pointed ready to shoot you. What is war meant for anyway? I mean shouldn’t we be saving resources in case zombies try to attack the world. And don’t get me started on video games. They are making too much and bad games making kids want to shoot people so games aren’t helping don’t you think.



War is just wasting resources like metal to build guns.         , bullets and vehicles instead             of helping put up houses up for those who are homeless because of it. And war just makes a massive mess leaving the good people to clean it all up. I believe that the world would be a better place without conflict because children would live in a better environment to grow up in. And that is why wars do not solve anything so that was my speech and I hoped you liked it.                 k



My name is Bubbles. Yesterday I was sitting at the table enjoying my favourite food sushi for dinner until suddenly the sea shell horn went off we all know what that means SHARK ATTACK! We all swan outside of our coral houses there was panic through the town. Mrs Coral and her ten children pearl, wave, salt, weed, lucky, fin, scales, eco, snip and trouble were swimming to safety. Me and my family swan in different directions my sister went to the neighbours underground tunnel my dad stayed inside and shut the door and my mother went to the police station and I stopped and looked for a place to go for safety until a shark saw me as dinner I began to swim out of the reef I didn’t care where I was going I just swam I swan in circles I swan in and out the rocks and still I was being chased I swam until my tail gave up. I could only close my eyes and wait for me to be swallowed by the greedy angry great white shark. So I sat there with my eyes tightly closed and nothing happened. So I thought this is funny nothing happened I opened one eye surprisingly I was in a cave that had a small entrance and the sharks nose was stuck in the small entrance. I opened both eyes got up and whipped the sharks nose with my tale it groaned and managed to free itself from the tiny hole. But I was too frightened to leave the cave even though the shark was gone. I decided to explore toe cave but I turned around and it was a dead end the cave was small and boring. I sat there as the days passed I grew hungrier and hungrier after about nine days of sitting in the cold small empty space thinking about sharks. I knew I can’t stay in here forever so I slowly began to swim out of the cave. Then suddenly in the distance I saw some mean with seaweed on top just floating there that got me thinking about sushi but before I went to eat it I made sure the coast was clear it was so I began to nibble at the meat when I was finished I could not swim away I was stuck I tugged and tugged then suddenly I began to be pulled up before I knew it I was on a boat and I couldn’t breathe then I saw a dark tunnel with I light at the end so I swam towards the light seconds later I didn’t know what had happened then I realized I was a ghost and my life was over.                              BY NAKISHA  

Why Ipads should NOT replace the normal class equipment
Good morning everyone and today I’m going to talk to you about why Ipads should NOT replace the normal classroom equipment, like pens and pencils. Do you think Ipads should replace the normal classroom equipment? Well I don’t and I’m going to prove to you why I believe this. I have four reasons, the four reasons are, loss of skill, cost, distraction and sore eyes.
Firstly the distraction, I believe Ipads should NOT replace the normal classroom equipment because as a kid you can get distracted quite easily by many things, and come on who hasn't seen an IPad with a couple of games.
Secondly, sore eyes, if you’re on an IPad for around about six hours every day you will get eyestrain, what that means is, your eyes will get sore and you may have to wear glasses. Eye doctors recommend having a break from looking at the screen every 15 to 20 minutes which would cause the kids to get disruptive.
3. Thirdly the cost, some families are struggle to put food on the table and shoes on the kids feet, so how do you expect them to buy Ipads for school. Did you know that northland has the highest rate of child poverty in the country?
The cheapest IPad is about 348 dollars, so in a classroom there are 20 to 40 kids a class, so if you multiple 348 by 20 that’s a whopping 6960 dollars for kids, and that’s just a class what about the whole school. Think about it that’s a lot of money just for learning and the normal classroom equipment is only about a couple of bucks. So what’s the point if you have to pay lots of money just for an IPad for learning? Why can’t you just stick with normal classroom equipment?
And lastly, the loss of skill. When you write something on the IPad and you get a word wrong the IPad autocorrects it. So that means when you write something on paper you actually learn how to spell it correctly. What about handwriting, your handwriting well be messy because you’re been on an IPad and you haven’t practised. So when you write on the IPad their won’t be flicks or slopes your just typing and changing the font to what you want.

So that’s why I think Ipads should NOT replace the normal classroom equipment because of the four reasons, I've just told you, the distraction, the cost, the loss of skill and sore eyes. Ipads aren't really a school thing there just a fun and amazement game console. And again that’s why I think Ipads should NOT replace the normal classroom equipment. Thank you for listing and please remember this speech. And thank you again.     

Caeleys speech

Somebody who has inspired me


Ki ora

I’ m going to speak to you about somebody who has inspired me.

I’m mean where all inspired by someone aren’t we?

I bet you somebody in this room is inspired by Channing Tatum or Jennifer Lopez or even Justin Bieber.

But are any of us inspired by Family members? Well I am, in fact I’m inspired by my mum. I mean what would we do without mums. I’m going to tell you a little about my mum and why I’m inspired by her.


Paragraph 1

Firstly my mum is tall slender tanned with a big cheerful smile on her face. Okay you get the idea my mums  name is Cheryl Jennifer Barfoote her maiden name is Banyard and she is the third eldest child in her family of five kids! Wow that’s a lot of family. She is the mother of four and feeds five mouths not including hers.


Paragraph 2

My mum has inspired many people and helped many as well. She teaches at our kids church. She has committed herself to raising a family. So she does not have job that she gets paid for. When I grow up I want to have the relationship my mum had with me and pass on the skills, knowledge and love she gave me. She is also really kind. Okay I’ll tell you a little story. On our way to school I fell over and got to stay home. Okay maybe I didn’t tell the full truth about how I was five and had pigtails and a cute innocent face that you just can’t resist but no point staring at me about it everyone makes mistakes. Now you want to hear another story I call it a typical day for my mum.


Paragraph 3

A typical day for my mum starts when my nine year old brother wakes up my mum at six o’clock in the morning. Put your hand up if you’re an early bird. Then after that comes the bulk of her day which includes doing the washing, washing the dishes, feeding the animals, folding the washing and much much more I almost fainted just saying it and my mum does most of that in a whole day. Now that’s what I call a load. Then she rushes round to after school activities including hockey, swimming, singing and much more. Then after that she tucks us into bed and stays up late doing the final touches to her day.



Cheryl Barfoote what would we do without people like her this is who I’m inspired by and why. So thank you for listening to my speech.         



The boat bumped into the concrete curb as it slightly leaned to the right. I gazed up at the amazing sight, looking at all the birds and trees, next thing I knew a massive dinosaur swung out from behind the trees. I almost had a heart attack, I heard the speakers talking about a bird. Bird, I don’t see any bird I thought. I still remember turning around to see a massive eagle swoop down and Mrs Caie saying to the bird, take Tobin, take Tobin! We laughed and carried on with the ride. I remember looking up to see a massive tree falling down, and a man saying “TIMBER!” I thought it was sooooooooooo awesome! After that we went up a ramp and down the other side, out of the dark. I looked over and saw a massive water fall. “Are we going down that?” I though. We were just on top of it then…… “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” We screamed. When we got to the bottom we were all soooooooooo wet, but it was the best ride ever!

JEMMA BY jemma












Camp recount

This time last week, I would have been zooming down the Luge with the wind in my hair, inhaling the sulphur contaminated Rotorua air. Maungatapere year sevens and eights arrived at Rotorua on their adventurous camp.
By now we would have taken the swaying Gondola Skylines up the mountain. The ride up had been silent with everybody taking in the wonderful scenic views over Lake Rotorua. But once we reached the top an excited buzz began to grow over the group. Mr O organised us into groups and we were assigned a parent. We were last to go so sadly we were last to collect a helmet and line up. I was envious of the people that went first. Some were already in the battered old black carts building speed on the slightly sloped beginner’s course. My legs started to twitch, I was ready to speed down the mountain.

By the time I reached the front of the line the ticket was sweating in my hands. Now I was starting to get anxious. I stepped forward, the lady smiled as she plucked the ticket from my outstretched hand. With a simple click the hole punch left a small hole in the ticket. I waited for Addon, then I passed him my ticket and he slipped it into his white sock (I hope they were clean). I walked over to a cart it didn't look like the other users had used it to well. There were deep scratches down both sides as if a tiger had attacked it. Our carts were in a line starting with Carl, me, Addon then Cory. The man asked us to push forward then back. I felt a jolt from behind I glanced back to see Addon with a wide smirk on his face. The man walked up the line implanting smiley faces on our hands with a stamp. Off we went, Carl started slow and wouldn't get out of the way. I eventually passed him round the second corner and started to cruise. All of a sudden Cory zoomed past nudging me to the side. I let the handle slide forward slightly, I was determined to catch him. I rounded two more corners and came to a slow sign, I pulled the cold silver bar back but not far enough. I skidded round on the barrier over taking Cory in the process. I glanced back he looked astounded. I swerved round the next two corners to see two other occupied carts one on either side of the track. I made a decision to go straight through the middle but one of the carts started to angle in. I just managed to nudge through. I looked back to see Cory slow down to get through. On the next straight he had caught up a little and now was beside me. I turned hard to the left and pushed Cory off the track. I glanced back, looked stunned. I leaned into two more turns and then
the tar track began to narrow until there was a piece of wood on either side of the track, I jolted forward in the cart and looked back. Cory was back but too late. I pulled to a halt, the adrenalin pumping through my veins.  That was only the first ride.

By Ben

Camp Rotorua 2014

The day began with a yawn. We packed for it the day before. We needed to get to school before might be thinking… what it is? Well it’s

Camp Rotorua 2014

So many people were at the large hall at school. We waited another 25 minutes before anyone spoke anything of going. We went off in groups. As we were walking down, I saw the massive double decker bus.  My best friend and I sat at the bottom of the bus. The trip was annoying and long until we stopped at Mc Donald’s. Luckily, Dom and I were first in line otherwise we would have never got our food. Then I threw down my +`bag and dug in. The rest of the children came in like elephants. Dom was over at the café, waiting in line to get six of those wheel things for $11.50. I thought he was wasting money but he managed. Everyone was over at the playground when Mr O said it was time to go.  The trip took for ever but I survived. The log cabins as we drove in looked amazing, so we pulled out the luggage and sat on the courtyard. We were arranged into our groups and went into our cabins. We chose our beds; I chose the only double bed. We settled in nicely then went to dinner. The noisiest part of this camp was dinner. Dinner was chicken nachos. I ate my dinner very slowly but everyone had finished. Desert was apple crumble and ice cream. It was amazing then it was off to bed. My favourite part of camp was the luge. Camp was packed with activities and I hope to share my other camp days.

By Liam

My camp recount

          LUGE MADNESS
It was Tuesday 18th March 2014. I woke up to 6 boys laughing and talking. 30 minutes past it was breakfast. On the menu for breakfast we got a choice of milo, rice bubbles, weetbix, peaches, yogurt, muesli and toast. We arrived at the Agrodome Sheep Show. The guy who was talking had a good scene of humour after the show there was a dog show then we had time to go into the gift shop. I bought my mum a Mania it protects from accidents and evil. At 12 O’clock we arrived at the Luge we got 2 rides, after my 2 rides I found Jack. Then we got a thick shake and a pie. Later Ben, Trent, Cory, Jamie and Addon came to the café “Yay!” It was home time the gondola down was creepy it stopped. As soon as we got back we had a swim, for 20 minutes we played a shoving off a rock game. Ben and Luke stayed on for 4 seconds then for dinner we had chicken nachos, for dessert we chocolate pudding. Then we wrote our diary then we went to bed

Good morning, everyone can you fit through the door or touch your toes. Listen to my speech today because I’m going to be talking to you about New Zealanders are getting bigger. My sub points will be commercials, games, fatty foods and lazy people.


Firstly put your hands up if you have seen the mc Donald’s gorgies pie ad more than twice in the same ads break. Mc Donald’s, KFC, Burger king and pizza hut always show their commercials around about our dinner time so we can buy all their mouth-watering food.  Do you sit on the couch thinking mmm yummy so you go and buy it, which is one reason why new Zealanders are getting bigger.

Video games

Secondly another reason why new Zealanders are getting bigger is VIDEO GAMES! Yes! That’s right video games. Some people sit hour on end playing the xbox360 or even the computer some people sit for it for even a whole day do you go out to exercise after playing on the video games. That is another reason why New Zealanders are getting bigger

Fatty foods

Thirdly people yes this mouth watering chocolate or the common pams chips and he 50 cent lolly bags. Kids buy v, lift+, mother and monster. Did you know that there’s 6¼ teaspoons in a 250ml  v and I searched that up and that’s 24grams in a 250ml and some kids buy it every day that ads up to 168grams in two days that is chronic.

Lazy people

And lastly folks laziness the people who don’t do anything who just sit there all day waiting for something to happen. That’s mostly the reason why, wait till it happens and they don’t make it happen. Do you at least get out I know I do, I get out with my friends and BMX till it’s the time of twilight sometime I get in trouble. But noo they sit around doing nothing. Did you know that New Zealand is the third obesity on the world chart were talking about “BRONZE?” ¼ OF NEW ZEALANDERS ARE OBEAST AND 1/3 OF NEW ZEALAND KIDS ARE OBEAST.


That brings us to the end of my speech hope you have learned something. Get fit get through doors, touch your toes and have a nice day.